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Lincoln Ag Products is the leading manufacturer of agriculture planting plates. The business is a 4th generation family-owned operation. Lincoln Ag Products was founded in 1964 by D.D. Wainscott. However, the first Lincoln Ag Products plastic planter plates were manufactured in the fall of 1958 under the business name Genetic Giant Ag Products Company. Interest in this product grew expansively that year as the plastic planter plates were seen as a superior alternative to the original cast iron plates offered by John Deere and International. The 1959 planting season ended with about 5,000 cornbelt farmers using these plastic planter plates to plant their crop.

The plates offered many advantages over the cast iron plates This included a lower price, a lighter weight, better durability, an organized color code, less seed damage and a greater size selection. The tolerances and consistency of the cell size in the plastic plates were far superior to that of the cast iron plates, which were cast in sand molds. Furthermore, the cast iron plates would rust resulting in greater deviation of the cell size, causing inconsistent planting rates. Considering these factors, it was not long into the 1960’s when sales really began to grow.

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s Lincoln Ag continued to work with the seed industry to test and develop additional plastic plates to accommodate the increasing number of seed varieties available. By the 1980’s we had developed almost 200 plates that we still sell today.

In 2010 Lincoln Ag Products relocated from Lincoln, Nebraska to Colorado. We are still owned and operated by the same family that started the business back in 1958. We now primarily serve smaller vegetable and hobby farmers in addition to commercial farming operations. We have recently developed multiple new blank plates of varying thickness to better serve the expanding vegetable farming community.